Occupy Love

idea by ashleycarter
Occupy Love




The Idea


I was inspired by an idea to create a unifying logo for the Occupy protests that was not aggressive and represented the peaceful nature of the movement. In light of all the incidences of officer brutality, I believe this imagery would remind both officers and protestors that OWS is about respect.

The Specifics

The 99% does not want everything, just what is owed to us. The 99% represented by the protestors are no doubt angry and frustrated, but the movement in itself is about respect and equality. I would use the funds to mass produce and distribute the image to the largest possible audience to remind everyone; protestors, law enforcement, and the 1% we are protesting; that the goals of this movement can be achieved peacefully.

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I am familiar with the occupy Dartmouth group, having spent time in their fluffy establishment, I am saddened by the obvious oblivion most of the protesters's minds seem to float in.

by squishyfacesucks
about 4 years ago | Reply

Can you elaborate?

by faraqueen
about 4 years ago | Reply

Design printed by Occupy Design to advance the cause
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