How Far We've Come

idea by jesst220
How Far We've Come

The Idea


In 1941, FDR called for Four Freedoms, one of which is the Freedom from Want--this poster shows the lack of progress in the last 70 years toward his goal. This quote summarizes what the Occupy Movement is about in an explanatory and effective way while also being rooted in democracy & US History.

The Specifics

We like to think that since the installment of human rights in the international arena, we've made a lot of progress. It's also easy to point fingers at Third World countries about their lack of progress. The Occupy Movement demonstrates just how much of an illusion that is in our own home. FDR names five things that America was, and still is, striving toward. I feel the poster serves to emphasize the peaceful, American-ness of the movement (rather than the un-American, hippie and/or violent movement it's being painted as). I would like the poster to be used in variation, with each of the five points emphasized typographically. I see the poster both in print and translated to multimedia projects as well.

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Design printed by Occupy Design to advance the cause
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