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Call to Design: The GOOD + Occupy Design Challenge

Occupy Design

GOOD and Occupy Design invite you to create a design, icon, or infographic that shares the unifying spirit of the Occupy movement. Submit designs here for a chance to have your design printed and promoted by Occupy Design.

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The Specifics

Occupy Design is a grassroots project which creates open-source visual tools around a common graphic language to unite the 99%. We’re calling all techies, artists and designers to volunteer their talents by submitting an image that bolsters this objective through creative data visualization.

All submitted designs will be voted on by the community. We’ll use $750 from the GOOD Fund in order to bring the winning design to life: Occupy Design will print and distribute the winning design, AND we’ll send the winner their design printed on a vinyl weatherproof sign and several 11×17 prints as well as an Occupy Design t-shirt.

Submissions should include the image of the design and a brief written description. You do not need to include a project plan or description of how the image should be used.

Individuals and organizations can participate. Once projects are submitted, rally your friends, family and colleagues to get behind your effort and join the GOOD community in voting for the best design.

To spark your imagination, here are links to datasets you could use:

In addition, you can download the Occupy Design Design Toolkit here. It is meant to kickstart designers contributing to the movement and to provide some common visual threads across designs. It includes:

  • An Illustrator Template for infographic signage
  • Rasterbator Standalone (Windows) for creating large-scale tiled signage from 8.5″ x 11″ sheets
  • Occupy Design Fist SVG Logo
  • Occupy Fist SVG Logo
  • Oswald Font for Designs (two weights)

Rules & Regulations

  • Limit one (1) Application per Participant during the Contest Period
  • This Challenge is open for submissions from November 14th to November 28th.
  • Projects will be featured on this page and public voting will be open from November 28th to December 9th.
  • The design with the most votes will be printed by Occupy Design and used to advance the cause. We’ll distribute materials with the winner’s design printed on it and send the winner some to use as well.
  • We want to print at either 18in x 24in or 24in x 18in, so please submit images that are 2236×1728 or 1728×2236 at 300 pixels/inch.
  • All designs submitted will be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Even if your design doesn’t win, we still want to share it with occupiers for use.
  • If you use data in your design, please include your data source in the description.
  • Read all the rules

If you have any issues uploading your image, please email us.

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Design printed by Occupy Design to advance the cause
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Monday, November 14

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Monday, November 28
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Monday, November 28

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Friday, December 09
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Winner Announced
Friday, December 09

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